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Croatians true winners
A huge crowd had gathered in Zagreb from all corners of Croatia to watch the big screen in the square. The enthusiasm was still palpable after the first goal, since Croatian fans were used to seeing their team let goals through early in the game. During half-time, a compare addressing the crowd from the main stage told those gathered to keep their spirits up and to trust that “our boys” could win.   “For us, this means more than a mere sporting victory,” said Miroslav Blažević, a household name in Croatian football. Blažević’s team secured third place in the 1998 World Cup, the country’s crowning achievement before this year. “Today there are still corners of the world that haven’t heard about Croatia. After tonight, the whole world will know who we are.”  Despite the result, the players have already cemented their legacy as national heroes. Most of the people in the world sympathized with Croatians considering them the "true winners".

Una Hajdari for The Guardian

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