cesura lab

by Andy Rocchelli

Civilians gathered in Maidan Square, Kiev, requesting president Viktor F. Yanukovich to resign. During the three months prior to the fall of Yanukovich's regime, protesters formed a compact and solid society rooted in Maidan with communal food and the same intentions against the military corps. This series depicts the last week before the bloody conclusion of the turmoils: uneven forces clash on the once paved square, many fall victim to snipers and civilians mourn their losses. The final death toll reached 100 individuals, while around 570 were reported wounded; the fights only ceased after Mr Yanukovich flew the country and new elections were scheduled. Since then, the protesters' camp has been gradually dismantled. The events which occurred in February 2014 in Kiev are conveyed through the observation from very close by of the patterns of social aggregation among protesters and their both survival and offensive strategies. In order to do so, Rocchelli physically shared Maidan's people's conditions for several days: the sequence of day and night he experienced is ultimately narrated as an alternation between fighting and mourning.
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