cesura lab

Asylum seekers
 by Alessandro Sala

Ongoing project

Photo-book on refugees and asylum seekers in Italy – funded by Open Society Foundations - is the result of a long photo-ethnographic research on asylum seekers who have reached Italy through Mediterranean Sea. Two expert anthropologists in forced migration – Barbara Pinelli and Luca Ciabarri - and three professional photographers – Giovanni Diffidenti, Alessio Genovese, Alessandro Sala - have worked together to document, and to denounce, the conditions of migrants who have already endured the drama of forced migration and in Italy still suffer poverty, disciplinary regimes in refugees facilities, lengthy waits for documents, lack of assistance. An ethnographic approach has represented a distinctive element of this research project. Throughout the project, the concern for refugees and asylum seekers voices, what has inspired our work, have been at the core of our research and photographic activities. Narrative and visual data collection have been carried out in places attended by asylum seekers: places of arrivals and transit, refugee camps or provisional homes, regular and irregular workplaces, informal meeting places, public squares, train and bus stations located prevalently in Lombardia, Lazio and Sicilia.
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