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Once upon a time in Libya
by Gabriele Micalizzi

Libya has been in conflict ever since the 2011 War on Libya, yet few in the world have noticed, and the reporting in the West has been largely overlooked. After Muammar Gaddafi’s downfall the previously unified state war torn into three separate entities: Tripolitania, in the northern coast, housing the capital, almost entirely controlled by a hodgepodge of terrorist groups; Cyrenaica, centered on Benghazi in the northeast, where the internationally recognized government moved its capital to the small city of Tobruk, due to terrorists capturing Benghazi; Fezzan, under populated desert area of southwest Libya, under anyone’s control. As a result of all this civil unrest, chaos and the absolute breakdown of law and order, Libya has begun to look a lot like a large ‘Caliphate’ divided up into violently competing ‘emirates’. Terrorism abounds throughout the country, the situation is still rather tense in the capital city Tripoli between clashes and risk of kidnappings for ransom; two car bombs, one directed to the Egyptian Embassy and the other to the United Arab Emirates Embassy exploded, partially leaving the Italian Embassy involved.
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