cesura lab

Carte de Visite
by Arianna Arcara
a project by Nopx
curated by Roberta Pagani

The project Carte de visite documents stories of Turin's neighborhood Porta Palazzo through images taken in the domestic dimension in the artist apartment within the Temporary Residence. Arianna Arcara set a studio in her flat for two months, a free photo studio for local residents as well as the residency itself; the result is a portrait of the human geography of Porta Palazzo, a human atlas constructed from 185 portraits, 99 passport pictures, 31 family portraits, 6 photo-books. The album, between opposition and acceptance, recounts traditions, habits, needs, interests, hostility and/or desires translated into a selection of photographs, measuring the sense of photo portrait today. Of the approximately 200 participants (92 North Africans, 59 Italians, 16 Africans respectively from Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Congo and Brazzaville- 9 Chinese, 6 Indians, 5 Gypsies, 1 South American and 1 Romanian, only 10% gave consent to the use of the images in this exhibition. Censorship related troubles aren’t an issue when it comes to a selfie, but a carte de visite remains a document whose privacy has determined the rules of the project: individuals escape from the observer, only revealing from details of gestures and postures the prominence of the subjects, which are affirmation of real needs, and not just aesthetics.
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