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Found photos in Detroit
Project by Arianna ArcaraLuca Santese
The project Found Photos in Detroit was born from the idea of a reportage concerning the city of Detroit.  The project wanted originally to portrait the current abandon and decandence of Detroit, as consequence of the well known socio-economical crisis that hit the city from the middle Seventies. During the first trip, in December 2009, many photos and documents were found close to several decadent public buildings, such as police stations, schools, tribunals and hospitals. This material, even if at that time was just random, revealed immediatly a stunning documentary potential.  At the same time, the primal will of documentation through a reportage faded into a new challenge of reconstructive editing. This material was able to show us that a photo-reportage in Detroit would it meant just an ex post operation, unable to give justice to the developement of the decay: it appeared also clear that only a work on the already existing photographic material would have been able to exhibit the phenomen from the inner side. In Detroit were found many folders containing various documents referable to police archives: not only photos, therefore, but also threatening letters and other types of evidence. Besides this kind of document, nevertheless, were collected also photos and files connected with family and daily life. The collected images are in total 1000 but the first exhibition body of work consists of an editing of 200. The fundamental editing criterion was to consider all the materials as they basically are: documents.  DoesnÂ’t matter if criminal or civil, public or private. Every single piece is and evidence by itself.
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