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Kyrgyzstan Uncensored
by Andy Rocchelli

Amatorial witnesses from june 10-13 2010 in Osh, Kyrgyzstan.

When clashes erupted in Osh and Jalalabad expressing long lasting tension between kyrgyz and uzbek communities, there was no direct covering by international press. During five days people in different neighbours of cities barricaded themselves in order to protect families and community, around 2000 people were killed and Red Cross warned about 400.000 refugees at near the border with Uzbekistan. When i arrived in the country, i collected from civilians amatorial witnesses captured with cell phones and personal cameras. From over 4hr of different footages i edited 30min. of raw material, in order to present a document of historic value that could describe without words and visual censorship the facts of these days. I decided to translate with subtitles a speech from a civilian that speaking openly to a camera calls to international powers denouncing the bloody situation. The video shows ethinc violence as it is: created to spread horror and fear amongst the population. The project was shown in conferences on demand to selected audiences of journalists, religious, students of international affairs and cooperation managers, in order to stimulate a debate on the image of violence. How our media society is addicted to violence without the explicit image of it, how true blood is visually ostracized but used by different societies and powers in history to move masses and push international affairs decisions.
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